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Ozark Share & Care - People helping people



We are currently providing food for an average of 750 or more households each month, at a cost of over $14,000.00 per month to purchase the food. We purchase the food locally, and also accept donations of non-perishable food items, as well as wild game, fresh beef, lamb, pork, frozen meats, garden produce, etc.

Funds to operate the program are generated through the sale of donated items in the 5,000 square foot retail thrift store located on the property. Donations of new and used goods are received daily, and are sorted and priced to be sold in the thrift store. To date, no public money, government grants, or United Way funds have been necessary to build or to maintain the program. Besides the money generated from the thrift store, donations are received from private people, organizations, clubs, churches, and businesses.


Our emergency food pantry is open Wednesday, from 9am – 12pm. Our mission is to provide nourishing foods to people in need, and we are happy to be able to provide food for you and your household. PLEASE, though, remember that we cannot take the place of a grocery store! We ask that you only come to our pantry if you are in need of help with food. PLEASE do not think of our emergency pantry as the place to come for your “free food every month”! By coming only when you have a sincere need for help, you will be assisting us to provide more foods for the households that truly need us. WE WILL NEVER turn anyone away…but we need your help to maintain enough food for all. We are “people helping people”.

***When we have funds, we do assist with utility shut-offs, rent, prescription medications, gasoline, and other requests. However, because we are feeding so many households now, and the cost of food is HUGE, we are only able to help with a fraction of what we have done in the past. This type of assistance is only given ONE TIME per 12 month period, IF WE HAVE FUNDS. Due to the volume of requests, if you have been helped with this type of assistance more than once or twice, it is unlikely that we can help again.

We also help with clothing, furniture, and household items, as we have them available. Currently, we can allow adults to get clothing ONE TIME per year. We will always give consideration to providing clothing for children, unless the requests are too frequent. At this time, we are only able to help with furniture & household items, if you have experienced a burn-out or similar emergency.


At times, Johnny (in the office) will issue a card to households that are truly in need of frequent help with food. To receive the card, he will require verifiable proof of income, as well as proof of social security numbers for members of the household. He will issue the card, which will be valid for 12 months of food pick-up, without having to wait in the office for assistance. ANY OTHER ASSISTANCE WILL REQUIRE WAITING YOUR TURN IN THE OFFICE. This card is only good to be used at the food pick-up door, as it is marked. If you have a true emergency, which requires other food assistance, you will need to register in the office, as usual. Anyone who needs food, regardless of whether you have a card, or not, is welcome to come to the office and apply for help during our regular hours!


Fresh milk, cheese, margarine, eggs, bread, Ramen noodles or soup, macaroni/cheese dinners, tuna, cheesy dinners, canned pintos, frozen hot dogs & sausage or other meat.

ALL DONATED FOOD ITEMS are placed on a shelf for pantry visitors to choose for themselves when they come to our emergency pantry.