Ozark Share and Care
(870) 741-3130
Harrison, Arkansas

Ozark Share & Care is a community-sponsored non-profit emergency services program. The organization started in 1987, and has grown to be an essential part of the Harrison community. Emergency food, clothing, household items, bedding, and furniture is provided (as available) for anyone in need, regardless of geographic location. Other services primarily limited to Boone County residents, although exceptions made for extreme need. Proof of income is required to determine eligibility, which is 200% of the poverty level. Any person who demonstrates need for services will be assisted, regardless of race, religion, nationality, physical, or mental abilities. Any rigid income eligibility requirement is rarely used as a guide to receive any services from this program, so that assistance can be provided to all those who are truly in need.

Funds to operate the program are generated through the sale of donated items in the 5,000 square foot retail thrift store located on the property. Donations of new and used goods are received daily, and are sorted and priced to be sold in the thrift store. To date, no public money, government grants, or United Way funds have been necessary to build or to maintain the program. Besides the money generated from the thrift store, donations are received from private people, organizations, clubs, churches, and businesses.

We are currently providing food for an average of 600 households each month, at a cost of $10,000.00 per month to purchase the food. We purchase the food locally, and also receive donations of non-perishable food items as well as garden produce, and occasionally frozen meats.

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